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Business Disputes and Litigation

Finding the Path to a Solution Resolving the disputes which arise when things do not go as planned is an important part of keeping the small business and medium sized business running.
The likely outcome of litigation is the starting point for negotiation, and when negotiations fail, litigation through the court process may be necessary.

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This website is devoted to the small and medium sized businesses in Oregon, people who are forming businesses in Oregon, and helping you decide when and whether to hire an attorney.

Business Formation and Transactions

Structuring the Entities for Your Protection and Benefit

Forming a business is easy. Choosing the right business entity type and how you would like the business to run is not always as obvious. Planning for the "what if's" and how to deal with the business when things do not go as planned is another important set of considerations.

Contract and transaction review is another area where unintended consequences may creep in. Having an attorney review documents for Oregon law issues is often a wise idea.

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